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You are a real man. You have a magnificent beard. And it is a thing of terrible beauty. You hunt and fish and have the ability to set fire to entire forests by merely being rugged. When you go surfing the sea runs crimson with your testosterone. Trekking barefoot through Kruger, several lions routinely commit suicide after laying eyes on your man-mane.

You love three things, your mother, your rifle and your beard. That’s why you buy chocolates for your mother, ammunition for your rifle, and Buffelsfontein beard oil for your beard. Our uniquely blended oil will make your beard glisten like a million rubies and smell better than burning gunpowder. Girls will blush when your oiled chin-brush catches the wind with all the majesty of a sail ship heading for unexplored lands. Buffelsfontein beard oil. Treat yourself, you magnificent bastard.

What’s Beard oil?

Beards , like women , need attention . The difference is that your beard will never leave for a man with more money and less belly.

It’s a scientific fact that a sloppy , dry beard makes a man look like a homeless pedophile. So spoil that friend on your chin. Beard oil hydrates the skin under your beard and keeps it healthy. It also keeps your hair healthy and prevents break or split. So your beard grows faster and more stately. The oil makes the beard hair soft thus not giving your girl reason to nag about a scratchy coat. It also lets your beard smell nice and lets it shine like the dew on your vehicles roof, just before you drive off on the early morning hunt.

Our beard oil is made only with the highest quality, cold-pressed oil ​​so that all the vitamins and minerals are retained. Our bottles are of such a nature that the ultraviolet rays of the sun does not destroy the structure of the oil. So don’t be a “sissy” man , buy a bottle.

How to use beard oil

Add a little bit oil in the palm of your hand ( more or less the size of the circumference of a wild goat 's eye)

Rub it on both hands and work it with your fingers in the forgotten skin under your beard in .

Rub the rest and over your beard and comb . It takes about 10 minutes to go.

The best time to apply the beard oil in the morning after a hot shower , or face wash, while your beard is still slightly damp .

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